PANTONE® BASIC COLORS letterpress ink(Oil base)


Now on sale
New color of mini ink for letterpress
 at cappan studio original!

18 PANTONE® BASIC COLORS and 13 colors are now available in new packaging.

Recommended for private printers who use Adana hand press, Letterpress combo kits and any letterpress mashine.

All of the inks are now 100cc types, born from requests from customers who said they could not use up the 1kg of conventional professional inks, or that the quantity was too large.

While many ink manufacturers have discontinued the production of letterpress inks, we were able to develop and manufacture them with the cooperation of Mitsuboshi Ink.

With inks manufactured to fit our printing machines.
Both non-skin type  and high adaptability to letterpress printing is realized.


It is a domestically produced letterpress ink, manufactured in accordance with the NL regulations of the Federation of Printing Ink Manufacturers Association, and displays the NL mark.

13 Basic colors

High density red gold/blue gold/silver inks with higher gold/silver density than commercially available inks, high density black inks with higher black density, matte black, fluorescent inks, etc.

Matte black and fluorescent inks are also available.

Low-odor types are also available for those who dislike the smell of printing ink.



High concentration gold ink,high concentration silver, high concentration black, matte black, Medium, pearl, white
Five fluorescent colors (pink, red, orange, yellow, and green)

[PMS BASIC COLORS] 18 colors


Yellow, Yellow 012, Orange 021, Warm Red, Red 032, Rubine Red, Rhodamine Red, Purple, Violet, Blue072, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green, Black, 4-Color Process Base (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black)

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